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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 


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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Written By: Brookelynn Morris 


Brushes (1) 
Makeup sponge (1) 
Scissors (1) 


Moisturizer (1) 

Paintpot (1) 

a base product for holding color and 


Powder (1) 

Foundation (1) 

Eyebrow pencil (1) 

Body paint (1) 

Eyeshadow (1) 

Eyeliner (1) 

False lashes (1) 

Cosmetic glue (1) 

Lip pencil (1) 

Rivets (1) 

Velveteen ribbon (1) 


Heading out to the playa for Burning Man means releasing yourself from the burdens of 
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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

reality and celebrating the creativity that lies dormant inside. Makeup is a transformative tool 
that will morph you into a fantasy. 

My friend Freddy Lopez is an unbelievably talented makeup artist, and he shows us how to 
create one of his signature looks, a striking and dramatic Pierced Cage Mask. Black Rock 
City is filled with color, so Freddy was inspired to add orange, turquoise blue, and hot pink 
body paint. Then he used materials from the craft store to make a surreal mask that casts 
amazing shadows and is truly out-of-this-world. 

Step 1 — Prepare skin. 

• Set out all of your tools and makeup and prepare your skin. Keeping your skin healthy on 
the playa is crucial, and it's especially important when applying makeup in harsh 
conditions. Cover your whole face with your favorite moisturizer. 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 2 — Make your face a blank canvas. 

• This look begins by turning your face into a blank canvas. That means making your 
eyebrows disappear! This step is all about alternating layers of paintpot with layers of 

• Use a flat brush to apply the paintpot product to your brows, then a fluffy brush to apply 
powder. Alternate paintpot and powder until you have applied 3 layers of both and the hairs 
are completely covered. 

• Then, apply foundation over them, to return them to your own skin color. 
Step 3 — Create new brows. 

• With the brows gone, it's time to re-draw them, dramatically! Hold the eyebrow pencil 
against your nose, and without drawing, use it to plot the path of the new arch. 

• Make a tiny dot at the inside of your eye, at the top of the eye, and at the outside of the 
eye. Then, connect the dots into a swooping new eyebrow. 

• Keep the shape simple- about 1/4" wide at the inside of the eye, tapering off at the outside 
of the eye. 

• Fill in the brow, and repeat with your other eye. 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 4 — Add color. 

• Now it's time for color! Use a medium gauge fluffy brush, and add white body paint 
underneath the brows. Start with white to make the brow look even more lifted and 
exaggerate the arching shape. Paint the white on, then use a stippling technique to create 
even coverage — just gently dab the tips of the bristles against your face. 

Step 5 

• Add orange body paint beneath the 
white, and use the stippling 
technique to blend the colors 
together. Draw the orange out past 
the corners of your eyes, a bit 
further than you took the white. 
Bring the orange down to the top of 
your eyelid. 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 6 

• Deepen the intensity of the look by 
adding black eyeshadow into the 
crease of your eye. Filling in the 
crease with black adds dimension. 

Step 7 

• Cover your eyelids with a layer of paintpot, then add turquoise. By applying the paintpot 
first, you give the blue a chance to really pop. 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 8 — Apply the eyeliner and mascara. 

• Create a cat eye over the blue, with black eyeliner. You can use the type that brushes on, 
a liquid liner, or a pencil. Bring the line on the upper lid out and up. 

• Add a thick coat of mascara. 

• Then line the inside of your lower lid, also called the waterline, as well. 

Step 9 

• The final step for adding color to 
your eyes is to apply a thin line of 
turquoise shadow to the lower 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 10 — Attach false lashes 

• Add a bead of the cosmetic glue to the inside of the false lashes. The glue dries clear, so 
while you don't want to make a goopy mess, you can be generous with the amount of glue. 

• Press the false lashes right against your own, and avoid blinking while they dry. 

Step 11 

• While the lashes set, you can add 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 12 — Add body paint 

• Use a sponge, or one of your brushes, to add hot pink body paint along your hair line and 
down onto your forehead. 

• Fade the pink out as you bring it down onto your forehead. 
Step 13 — Paint lips 

• Time to do your lips! With such colorful eye makeup, keep the lip relatively mild. Use 
yellow paint and a neutral pencil to color your lips. 

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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

Step 14 — Make the eye cage 

• Glue the rivets onto your face. 
Place two over each eyebrow, and 
one right above your nose. Add 
three underneath each eye, and 
one on either side of your nostrils, 
about halfway up your nose. Use 
the cosmetic glue, and give the 
rivets a few moments to dry. 

Step 15 

• Cut lengths of the velvet ribbon that are long enough to run from the upper rivets to the 
lower rivets. 

• Dab both ends of the cut ribbon into the cosmetic glue, then press them into the rivets. The 
glue dries quickly, but work slowly, holding each ribbon in place for about 30 seconds to 
set them. 

• Create a basket weave with the ribbons, working from the outside of your eye in, towards 
your nose. 

• Once the glue is dry, the ribbons will be surprisingly sturdy, but until then, they are 

very fragile. Hold your face as still as possible until all the ribbons are completely 


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Cage Makeup for Burning Man 

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